Solenoid valve in our country enterprise to overcome difficulties to the international market

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Solenoid valve in the country for nearly 40 years of development history, through the efforts of domestic solenoid valve enterprise, in such aspects as technology, product quality and service has made no small achievement, now domestic solenoid valve has a variety of forms, high pressure solenoid valve, high-temperature solenoid valve, solenoid valve, water steam solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, stainless steel solenoid valve, solenoid valve at low temperature, anti-corrosion corrosion resistant solenoid valve, gas solenoid valve and so on are basically meet the needs of the domestic market. But in the development of any industry, is positive, the electromagnetic valve is not exceptional also, after meet the needs of the domestic market, the need to consider is to march to the international market, but in terms of the present status of the valve industry in China, on the way to enter the international market is still full of obstacles, remains to be continue to improve. With the improvement of industrial technology, the demand for high-performance valve equipment, etc, are increasing, our country is a world power shift from agriculture to industry, has a large industrial market demand, this has attracted many foreign companies entered, the strengthening of international trade, let the domestic valve market is saturated state. However, although the electromagnetic valve equipment in the long-term development in China has obtained certain achievements, but compared with foreign advanced equipment, there are some difference, the performance is very obvious in the domestic market, the development of many foreign enterprises are much better than domestic solenoid valve enterprise. Want to out of the country, first of all, to produce more and more enterprises in China valve produced valve equipment, learn * * outside the advanced science and technology, technology, from the technical * *, the respect such as the development of science and technology to promote the development of electromagnetic valve industry in China. Continuously strengthen the * * and learn more new technology, research and development design production more advanced electromagnetic valve equipment, overcome the dangerous road, accelerating the development of the domestic valve industry, the promotion of the competitiveness of the domestic solenoid valve industry in to the pace of the international market is steadily moving forward. The solenoid valve solenoid valve enterprises overcome difficulties to go into the international market in all kinds of equipment and the application of the electromagnetic valve is used widely
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