Solenoid valve in the cold storage installation and inspection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Solenoid valve in the cold storage installation and check what time is the electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve in the cold storage unit, the effect of cold storage units in the selection of solenoid valve and solenoid valve in the cold storage unit installation is how to do? Solenoid valve with electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, is used to control the fluid automation components, belonging to the actuator, is used to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, speed and other parameters. Solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuit to achieve the desired control, the control precision and flexibility to be able to guarantee. Cold storage units in the role of the solenoid valve to prevent compressor shut down when the high pressure part of the refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, avoid compressor low pressure is too high, the next time you start to prevent compressor fluid. Cold storage temperature reaches the set value when the thermostat, electromagnetic valve, losing electricity low pressure to stop the set value when the compressor stop, when the cold storage temperature picks up to the set value, the thermostat, electric solenoid valve, low pressure rises to the compressor boot compressor start, when the set value. Cold storage units in the selection of electromagnetic valve solenoid valve in the cold storage, should according to the size of the cold storage refrigeration equipment line, configuration and the same size of the electromagnetic valve size. Electromagnetic valve body material shall be compatible with pipeline center medium; Working voltage should be consistent with the power supply voltage. For different working place should adopt different models of electromagnetic kuo. Such as solenoid valves cannot be used for pipes in the cooling pipe road, because the water will have solid impurities, scale and easy to block a little balance hole on the diaphragm. Used for lubricating oil separator electromagnetic valve on return line, must have the anti-shock measures, so as to avoid compressor exhaust pressure fluctuations have an impact on auxiliary valve opening and closing. Used for the suction of the electromagnetic valve, because of its easy condensation, so be with dampproof coil or closed solenoid valve. The environment temperature is higher than ℃, should use heat coil, etc. Solenoid valve in the cold storage unit must be coil electromagnetic valve installed in the vertical is installed in the pipeline, otherwise, will can't work normally because of iron core and failure. The medium inside the solenoid valve flow direction from the top of the valve core to here, so it must be installed according to indicate the direction of the arrow on the valve body, the arrow direction is the direction of the medium inside the pipeline flow. In order to check whether the electromagnetic valve work normally, can a light bulb in parallel on the road in electromagnetic valve power supply cord, to indicate the switch. Can also be used in electromagnetic valve power cord series a manual switch on the road, when using hand switch and cut off the circuit, such as electromagnetic valve can hear the sounds, the movement of valve core is indicated solenoid valve is normal. Solenoid valve work disorder occurs mainly in the coil burn, valve core remanence jam and core iron these three aspects, using the above method can examine and determine. For iron core remanence doesn't automatically when the power is down, can remove iron core, use the method of heating or break, eliminated.
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