Solenoid valve is used widely

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-07
Solenoid valve ( Water electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, steam gas solenoid valve, high pressure solenoid valve, high-temperature solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, stainless steel solenoid valve, solenoid valve at low temperature, ptfe anti-corrosion solenoid valve, etc. ) Is a common automation equipment. It has good performance, low price, easy to install, fast response characteristics. Because of its good properties make it has been a lot of occupation of the valve market, has been widely used in various fields. High efficiency and energy saving of electric valve, occupy the market is gradually valve class in industrial processes, mostly used to control all kinds of fluid flow, the marching such as water, oil, chemical liquid, etc. , is based on the parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. And plant commonly used control valve with pressure reducing valve, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve and temperature constant temperature system, proportion control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve, etc. Several types. When choosing all kinds of automatic valve, should consider the types of heat engine, the requirements of precision, the quality of the control valve, pressure drop and flow rate and its structure, failure rate, factors such as credit and after service, to achieve the goal of economical and practical. So small electric valve with its assembly easy and high efficiency and energy saving advantages is widely used, and occupy the market step by step. Widely used solenoid valve solenoid valve in our country enterprise level gauge to overcome difficulties to go into the international market to promote the development of China's valve industry
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