Stainless steel gate of ram do you know?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Stainless steel gate of ram do you know? A, wedge gate 1. Structure more flexible gate valve is simple; 2. At higher temperatures, sealed performance is not as good as elastic slide valve or double gate valve; 3. Suitable for easy coking of high temperature medium. Second, flexible disc it is special form of wedge type single ram. When compared with wedge gate valve, high temperature, good sealing performance, when heated and ram is not easy to get stuck; Applicable to steam and oil, oil and gas in high temperature medium, and is suitable for frequent switch parts. Should not be used for easy coked medium. Three, double gate 1. Sealed performance is good wedge gate valve, such as sealing surface Angle and cooperate to be not very accurate seat, still has good sealing; 2. After disc sealing surface wear, the spherical centers at the bottom of the metal pad can be used for thicker, generally don't have to be surfacing welding and grinding seal face, this single ram, flexible disc hard; 3. Parts more than other forms of gate valve; 4. In addition to the applicable to steam, oil and other media, also applies to switch parts and frequently on the sealing surface wear medium, should not be used for easy coked medium. Four, the parallel type 1. Worse than other forms of gate valve sealing; 2. Suitable for medium temperature and low pressure; 3. In addition to the two pieces of equipped with fixed plate ram disc are not easy to fall off, with a lead wire every two pieces of ram of ram is easy to fall off, use the unreliable; 4. Gate and seat sealing surface processing and maintenance easier than other forms of gate valves.
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