Stainless steel gate valve related quality control requirements

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Stainless steel gate valve related quality control requirement for the material or other equipment inspection, test and inspection equipment within the prescribed time interval according to the manufacturer's documentation and relevant industry standards of recognition on a regular basis, control, calibration and adjustment, to keep the accuracy according to the requirements of specification. Stainless steel gate valve pressure measurement: 1. Type and precision of test pressure measuring equipment should be a pressure gauge and pressure sensors, the accuracy at least shall be the nominal full scale & plusmn; 2. 0%. 2. The size and range should be in the range of pressure gauge of the pressure - 25% Measuring pressure within 75% range. Should use a standard pressure measurement equipment or dead weight tester, in 25%, 50% and 75% of the scale, to calibrate pressure measurement equipment on a regular basis. 3. Calibration procedure. 4. The calibration interval should be according to the degree of repeatability and accuracy of using or use to determine, should be part of the manufacturer procedure. Stainless steel gate valve temperature measurement: when using temperature chart, temperature range should be able to indicate 2 ℉ ( 1℃) Temperature fluctuations. Stainless steel gate valve for quality control of general requirements: 1. Quality control conditions. 2. Nonconformity material manufacturer should have a control is not in conformity with the technical conditions and the manufacturer written specification of materials, parts and products of written procedures. 3. Weld repairs. All weld repairs must use manufacturer process was written test methods and acceptance criteria. The quality control of specific products and parts: 1. Closed closed bolt onto written specifications conform to the specifications and the manufacturer's requirements. 2. Other parts should be on other parts, which can identify them should comply with the specifications and the manufacturer written specification requirements. 3. After assembly of the equipment after the general assembly quality control requirements including according to the requirements of the pressure test. All the equipment after assembly requirements for series number.
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