Stainless steel gate valve rust or not?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Stainless steel gate valve rust or not? Stainless steel gate is also called the gate valve or gate valve, the most widely used a kind of valve. It is through the movements to control the valve opening and closing of the gate, the gate is perpendicular to the direction of flow, changing the relative position between disc and seat can change the channel size. Gate valve has a small fluid resistance, sealing surface Chong brush and erosion by the medium small; Open and close more effort; Medium flow direction is not restricted, disturbed flow, reduce the pressure; Shorter form, simple structure, good manufacturing process, characteristic of wide scope of application. So you know what stainless steel gate valve will rust? From the literal, & other; Stainless steel & throughout; Gate valves should not be rusty, but all valves will be rusty, only corrosion resistance for a long time. Types of valves, gate valves of stainless steel corrosion resistance is strong, long influenced by some outside it is difficult to rust, remind, all valves will be rusty, just see corrosion resistance is long. Valve factory manufacturing various valves, will be on the surface of the valve is coated with a layer of thin solid protective film. Protective film is directly affect the corrosion resistance of the valve. Stainless steel valves, too, the main is the use of the rich chromium oxide film to prevent oxygen to infiltration, continue to oxidation, make the stainless steel valves has stronger resistance to rust. General stainless steel valve rust resistant ability is very strong, if not affected by material what the outside world, will not rust. Often encounter rust stainless steel valve is due to the stainless steel valves one place affected by the material, and in a certain time, stainless steel valves could be affected because of there began to rust, slowly, the area of the rust will be more and more big, where as the rust corrosion. Therefore, in running a stainless steel valves must be installed, pay attention to the surface of stainless steel valves are affected. Stainless steel gate valve, therefore, also will rust, just rust resistance is strong, if not be affected by some external interfaces to protective film, stainless steel valves will not rust, at the same time, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel valve corrosion resistance than other types of valves are better. This is also why stainless steel gate valve door is widely used in our everyday life, safe, durable, long service life.
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