Stainless steel gate valve selection should be considered when two of the most major problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-08
Stainless steel gate to choose the two main problems that should be considered when the stainless steel gate valve is a kind of valve, use a wide caliber DN&ge commonly; 50 mm to cut off the device to choose it, sometimes at the caliber of small cutting device also choose gate valve, gate valve fluid resistance is small; Open and close the required external force is small; The flow of medium is not restricted; Wide open, the sealing surface erosion by working medium is smaller than globe valves; Technology is relatively simple, casting a good advantage. Gate also has deficiency: the overall dimensions and open height is bigger, install the required space. Opening and closing process, has the relative friction sealing surface, easy to cause scratches. Gate valves are generally have two sealing surface, adds some difficulties to machining, grinding and maintenance. In recent years, the stainless steel gate valve as a tool to control the water and in the direction of flow, the form has changed too. Used the flashlight dual-use gate valve has been replaced with the flashlight dual-use butterfly, butterfly valve has the advantage of small volume, light weight, easy installation, small resistance coefficient. Disadvantage is if the processing installation precision is not enough, or are too many impurities in water can lead to the butterfly valve closed lax appear slack phenomenon, and the traditional gate is not easy to leak, but large size; Gate is big and heavy especially big diameter, installation isn't very convenient for disassembly; And, more importantly, because of the large volume, resulting in pump room area increases, the project cost increase. So choose in pumping station design, bidding valve should consider the following two problems: 1. Use situations without being limited by the space, more impurities in the water, and important position of the valve, easy jam can use flashlight dual-use gate valve; Conversely butterfly valve can be used, especially in the pump room renovation project butterfly valve can be used to effectively use the original pump room space, to improve on the premise of the original pump room area is the same for ( Row) The purpose of the water. 2. Manufacturers choose larger scale, production period is long, good reputation, quality pass and are responsible for installation of stainless steel valve manufacturers. With the constant improvement of the butterfly valve machining accuracy, the quality will be better and better, the leakage problem will be solved, then the butterfly valve to replace the old gate, this is the development trend of valve type.
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