Stainless steel gate valves and stainless steel ball valve in the installation and the difference of flow

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Stainless steel gate valves and stainless steel ball valve on the installation and flow to the difference between the stainless steel gate valve can rely on medium pressure and sealing surface tightly closed, thus to achieve the effect of not leak. When opening and closing the valve core and valve seat sealing surface contact and friction each other all the time, so the sealing surface is easy to wear and tear, gate near closing, pipeline pressure difference is very big, before and after sealing surface wear is more serious. Stainless steel gate structure is more complex than ball valve, from the point of appearance, the same caliber, gate valve is higher than the ball valve, ball valve than gate valves. In addition, as rising stem and the non-rising stem gate valves. Ball valve. Watching the role with environment to understand the difference, the installation and flow, after all the good installation is half of success! Stainless steel gate valve flow to the effect of two directions are the same, the installation without the direction of the import and export requirements, medium can be two-way flow. Ball valves may need to be done in strict accordance with the valve body in the direction of the arrow installation, import and export direction and a clear stipulation about ball valve, valve in China & other; Order to & throughout; The flow of ball valves shall be applied. Stainless steel ball valve is higher than that of low into, there are obvious when viewed from the outside of pipe is not in a level. Gate valve flow in a horizontal line. Travel is bigger than the ball valve gate valve. From the perspective of flow resistance in the wide open gate valve flow resistance is small, the stainless steel ball valve flow resistance. Ordinary gate valves of the flow resistance coefficient is about 0. 08 ~ 0. 12, open the closing force is small, medium to two direction. 3 - the common ball valve flow resistance is gate valve 5 times ( The public number: pump pipe home) 。 Forced to close to achieve sealing during opening and closing, ball valve of the valve core is in the fully closed contact sealing surface, thus sealing surface wear is small, need to add because of the large flow of main actuator ball valve adjustment should pay attention to the torque control institutions. Stainless steel ball valve installation, there are two ways, one is a medium can enter, from the bottom of the valve core advantage is when the valve is closed packing, no pressure can prolong the service life of the packing, and can be in front of the valve under the condition of pipeline pressure, to replace the packing work; Defect is stainless steel valve driving torque is bigger, is flow into the above 1 times or so, the valve stem by the axial force is big, the valve stem is easy to bend. So this way generally applies only to small ball valve ( (the following) DN200 more stainless steel ball valves are chosen medium flow down from above. ( Electric ball valve is generally adopts medium access from above. ) Medium entering way from above shortcomings just as opposed to enter below.
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