Stainless steel relief valve working principle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Stainless steel relief valve is by changing the throttling area, change the kinetic energy of the flow velocity and fluid, different pressure loss, so as to achieve the goal of decompression. And rely on the media itself energy control and the adjustment of the control system. Stainless steel relief valve working principle: when in the factory, the main valve and pilot valve is closed. When used, the adjusting bolt clockwise, the top channel valve disc, medium by & other; 一个“ Pass into the lead into the cavity of valve and other; S” Way, by medium pressure moves the pistons, open the main valve disc, medium flow valve, at the same time by & other; B” Entering the diaphragm. When the valve after pressure exceeds setting pressure, push the diaphragm compression adjusting spring, pilot valve shut down gradually, into the upper piston medium reduction, rising makes the main valve disc piston under the action of the main valve spring are closed, A cavity flow B less cavity medium, after the valve pressure drop, small changes in the valve after pressure, impact diaphragm and adjustment of the spring balance diaphragm moves up and down, push the guide valve and piston work, move up and down the main valve control medium flow rate, so the valve after pressure remained stable.
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