Stainless steel valve adopts sealing all need to have what conditions

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Valves are used in the chemical system in air separation equipment, its sealing surface most of stainless steel. In grinding process, due to improper grinding material selection, grinding method is not correct, not only reduces the valve production efficiency, but also will affect the quality of the product. And according to the characteristics of the stainless steel material, we choose the strong labor strength and wear resistance, and after grinding grain crushing in processing still affect the quality of the product. In recent years, we have the formula of grinding material to keep the blade grinding materials, such as white fused alumina and chromium oxide and the selection of grinding tools and grinding methods were studied, such as its granularity mainly choose w40, w14, w7 and W5 four is advisable. Through the test, and obtained the promotion and application in practical production, both to improve the sealing surface quality, and improve the production efficiency, to obtain the very good effect. The workpiece grinding valves first is embedded in sand the grinding tools, and then mixed with the aid of abrasive grain and grinding fluid abrasive grinding process and to achieve. Grinding force is refers to the forces acting on the grinding surface area in the unit, it is applied to research and action to be processed by grinding grain on the surface of a force, if the pressure is too small, grinding effect is very small, the pressure, the grinding effect is enhanced, grinding efficiency is improved. But when the pressure increases to a certain value, the present saturation phenomenon, the grinding efficiency generally achieved great value, then pressure per unit area, if continue to increase efficiency instead. This is because the valve abrasive particle has a certain resistance to pressure limit, when more than this limit will be crushed, make fine abrasive, abrasive self-reliance. 5 mpa. (2) in lapping, the dialogue cut jade abrasive, select 0. 03~0.12MPa。 Grinding rate refers to the speed of the tool to the workpiece surface relative motion. Figure 2 is the workpiece size removal and processing surface roughness with the typical curve of grinding speed. The role of the tool and the material on which tool is to make abrasives temporary fixation and obtain certain grinding movement, and its geometry is passed on to the artifacts in a certain way. Manufacturing of tool materials, therefore, should have appropriate embedded in the grain and its geometry precision can keep sex for a long time. Gray cast iron HT200 is an ideal material for tool, its organization in both hard wear-resisting cementite, and good toughness ferrite, also contain graphite, the lubrication effect, and easy molding and processing. Should be appropriate to reduce lapping speed. After the test, the following speed value is good: (1) when coarsely ground of lapping tool or need grinding workpiece at a rate of 20 to 50 m/min. (2) the valve in the fine grinding, the grinding tool or need to grinding workpiece speed is 6 ~ 12 m/min. The selection of value of surface roughness of the surface roughness is one of the main indicators of surface quality. For surface wear, contact stiffness and sealing performance has a direct effect, at the same time affect the performance and use of the product life. Using different grinding methods and granularity, reach the surface roughness is also different.
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