Stainless steel valve industry demand valve quality improvement

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Stainless steel valve industry needs to promote the progress of quality stainless steel valve valve now has become a necessity in life, in the oil industry of stainless steel valve is indispensable. Is not only a petrochemical industry and many other industries the demand for stainless steel valve products are on the rise, the type and specification demands is more and more complete. From product quality to product appearance, stainless steel valve products are at a disadvantage in our country, so need more manufacturers should pay attention to product innovation. Product innovation is a relatively long process, during which you need to keep the traditional product sales profit for the innovation research. Petrochemical industry in China is moving toward large-scale, large-scale and internationalization direction, will maintain the sustainable development in the future. Domestic dozens of sets of thousands of equipment of oil refining and megaton ethylene plant will be new and renovated, the demand for petrochemical valve opened up a broad market. In addition, the current domestic each refinery operating various types of pump valve has been aging, need to update and reform. Future demand for petrochemical valve will be the main body, especially in high temperature and high pressure valves, cryogenic valves and cryogenic valves, corrosion resistant stainless steel valves, conveying viscous medium and solid granules medium stainless steel ball valve production technology will be rapid development, the demand will increase significantly. Valve product development in our country, though there are many restricting factors, but the valve industry in China is very wide market prospect. The stainless steel, valves in the enterprise, the district quality supervision departments actively, parts of moderately relaxed pressure pipe components manufacturing license stainless steel valve industry policy, for stainless steel, are encountering economic winter valve industry for small and medium-sized enterprises will undoubtedly play a dose of medicine. In addition, the modernization of agriculture development, in the next period of national agricultural water pipe laying, agricultural water-saving equipment widely used are also gradually increased, the use of the valve has a considerable market demand. Indications that stainless steel valve industry investment in the future market is attractive, but the threshold is also gradually increased, especially with the development of high-tech, new product gradually replace old products, this is the valve quality put forward higher requirements.
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