Stainless steel valve maintenance is very simple? But it is not

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Stainless steel valve maintenance is very simple? But it is not stainless steel valve in greasing maintenance, often ignore the pressure problem. In the greasing operation, on the pressure changes regularly with peak valley. Pressure is too low, seal leakage or failure, the pressure is too high, greasing the jams, seal inside lipid hardening or sealing ring and valve ball, valve plate lock. Usually fat injection pressure too low, too much grease injection into the valve at the bottom of the chamber, generally occur in the small gate valves. And fat injection pressure is too high, on the one hand, to check on the mouth, so fat pore blocking determine to change the situation; Is lipid hardening on the other hand, to use cleaning fluids, repeatedly softening failure sealing grease, and inject new replacement grease. In addition, sealing type and sealing material, also influence on the pressure and the different seal forms have different fat injection pressure, usually hard seal fat injection pressure is higher than the soft seal. Ignore the fat injection effect problem. Greasing operation pressure, fat injection rate, switch is normal. But in order to ensure the valve grease injection effect, and sometimes need to open or close the valve, check the lubrication effect, confirm the valve ball or disc surface lubrication even. Greasing the sealed cavity to air and water are fully replace it. Drain off the valve cavity pressure in time, also guaranteed the valve use security. On the end, be sure to tighten the drainage and blowdown plug, in case of an accident. On the problems should pay attention to the grease evenly. Normal greasing, distance on the mouth recently get fat Kong Xian out the fat, and then to low, the last is high, successive fat. If not according to the law or not fat, exist jams, QingTong processing in a timely manner. Also watch stainless steel valve size and seal flush problem. If a flush and close does not reach the designated position, will cause the valve is lax. Similarly, adjust locked in place, also want to consider to open a corresponding adjustment. Ensure quarter-turn valves. Some stainless steel with arrow on valve body, if there is no attached English FIOW handwriting, seal seat direction, not to the flow direction of medium as a reference, since the drain valve in the opposite direction. Typically, two-seater sealing ball valve has a two-way flow. Stainless steel valve maintenance, also pay attention to the water problems in electric head and its transmission mechanism. Especially in the rainy season into the rain. It is rust the actuator or the shaft sleeve, the second is the winter freeze. Damaged electric valve operating torque is too big, when driving part can make the motor no-load jumped or super torque protection cannot be achieved electric operation. Driving part is damaged, manual operation can't. After the super torque protection operation, manual operation is also unable to switch, such as forced operation, will damage the internal metal parts.
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