Stainless steel valve of relevant improvement measures to understand!

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Stainless steel valve of relevant improvement measures to understand! Stainless steel valve leakage generally divided into internal leakage and leakage two cases, the causes of leakage. Leakage is generally factor in liquid medium containing solid impurities be ruined cause failure. The main with the valve stem leakage reason structure, working environment and the use of operating mode. Stem with bellows and packing double sealing structure, corrugated pipe and the inner ring and outer ring welding bellows components, then with the valve stem and guide body welding, blocking medium through the valve stem leakage outward. Stem up and down the moving distance of flat key Ⅰ upward movement, until the flat key Ⅰ on end face and packing the face under contact. Because the packing used PTFE material, material, if excessive open valve, will lead to a flat key Ⅰ embedded filler, the valve cannot be opened and closed again, and killed the bellows components, causing medium leakage along the valve stem. Corrugated pipe tensile length and amount of compression is set according to the valve stroke, if exceed the limit tensile or compression, may damage the corrugated pipe, small make up tube rupture, seal failure. So you need to increase the spacing device of the valve opening and closing, the valve opening and closing process, bellows expansion in the scope of design. Stainless steel valve working conditions is also a cause of its malfunction. Due to the installation in the hull of corrugated pipe cut-off valve work in the salt fog environment for a long time, and the upper condensate dripping water, cause the upper thrust ball bearing corrosion, serious when, corrosion lead to sexual contact with the valve stem. In use if excessive open or closed stainless steel globe valve, may cause the valve can't meet the performance requirements. Too close the valve, it could crush seal face, lead to valve seal failure when using again. Excessive open valve, may be operating bellows components, causing the valve leakage. Relevant improvement measures: after analyzing the problems existing in the valve, the structure, operation and environment was improved. First is to increase the flat key Ⅰ limit, the packing of PTFE material add a 3 mm thick of stainless steel packing cushion, in order to prevent the packing and the valve rod limit. The valve is closed, if there is a valve cannot be shut off, should not to force, but open valve, with fluid scour off again after a period of time, again and again again, if still cannot close, should check the sealing surface grinding. When the valve opens, when the valve is open to a certain height, stem encountered little resistance, try not to continue to force open, in order to prolong the life of the valve stem and sealing components. Stainless steel valve stem the upper valve with a thrust ball bearing, when installing, avoid a condensate dripping directly on the valve to the position of the valve stem rust.
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