Stainless steel valves on several important parts of flap valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Stainless steel valves on several important parts of stainless steel valve flap valve flap valve body parts by the body, the flange, and seat sealing gasket, etc. Under the flange welded on the valve body, seat and USES the bolt connection between the flange, middle installation graphite winding gasket seal. · Damping arm shaft parts parts by damping arm damping arm, damping, damping, baffle plate and disc and other parts. Damping arm components are installed on the bearing axis. Disc by damping shaft together with damping arm, with the damping arm around the bearing axis of rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of the open or closed. Damping piece by bolt on the lower end of the damping arm, can adjust the size and quantity, in order to adjust the damping arm parts quality and center of gravity position, make the flap valve closing and opening of differential pressure can be adjusted. In addition, the damping piece by fluid resistance in the process of closing movement, to a certain extent, can reduce the water hammer effect of flap valve is closed. Block slice with damping arm through a pin shaft link. When the block slice with stainless steel body surface contact, the damping arm block slice can prevent components continue to rotate in the direction of the open, to ensure the flap valve in the largest open Angle of 30 & deg; 。 Using ball joint connection between disc and damping axis, so that the disc, when in contact with the seat has a certain degree of freedom, can make minor adjustments, and the valve seat valve contact is good, keep the sealing performance. · Heavy hammer parts heavy hammer parts is mainly composed of a heavy hammer, adjust the connecting rod, a heavy hammer bracket and positioning block and other parts. Heavy hammer parts when the system is the function of differential pressure reaches a certain value, the weight and pressure difference of rotating shaft torque will be greater than the weight of flap valve on the rotating shaft torque, to shut down under the small pressure difference. When so flap valve at a certain Angle, heavy hammer away from the damping arm and reduce the flap valve weight, reducing the impact of the disc and body, improve the reliability of closure. The diameters of the heavy hammer damping adjustable arm free trip. A heavy hammer bracket to support a heavy hammer. Heavy hammer rod can adjust the weight in the relative position of scaffolding, thereby achieve fine-tuning. For the convenience of adjustment, will support detachable structure. · Position indicator with stainless steel valves installed in the reactor pool below the surface, need to set the valve position indicator in the flap valve, with real-time monitoring flap valve open or closed. Flap valve position indicator for the reed pipe. Permanent magnets installed in damping the arm on the parts of a piece damping and with damping arm rotation, built-in indicator of the dry reed pipe sensing device is fixed on the valve body. When damping arm movements, the damping of permanent magnets with the movement, through the corresponding circuit connected when dry reed pipe, thus the location of monitoring flap valve. · Interface flap valve and connection of diversion box form for welding. End face and the diversion box welding interface. On the end face and lower flange welding. At the same time in order to reduce overall manufacturing difficulty, is advantageous for the flap valve installation, the valve body for special-shaped structure. Request of end face diameter gradually transition to the upper end face diameter of upper and lower two end face are circular, and the upper and lower the Angle between the two end of 30 & deg; 。
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