Steam drain valve use requirement

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-11
The outline for the function of the drain valve, energy saving measures, operation, maintenance management and so on various aspects what are the specific requirements. ( 1) Eliminate not leak steam condensate. Eliminate condensation from time to time don't leak steam drain valve is the most basic conditions. Therefore, although it is ruled out and steam separation and accumulated water device, but it is not called the condensate drain valve, which is called steam drain valve. Drain valve movement accuracy and sensitivity refers to the condensate have open and shut case. Excluding water, drain valve fully open, rapid emissions; At the end of the discharge and closed quickly and prevent precious steam leakage. This is a major performance drain valve. That is to say, the drain valve two things only a full open and close, if the switch is slow, switch does not reach the designated position, will cause the throttling effect, easy to cause overall damage to the drain valve, at the same time also is the leading cause of leakage of steam. As above, drain valve movement principle is fully open or close, open and close action. Depending on the type, also may have two types, that is, continuous and intermittent discharge. ( 2) Can rule out all the condensate steam system in any place. Drain valve must be able to rule out the use of equipment of steam is high and accurately piping, heat exchanger, such as the main device and any part of the condensate steam system. ( 3) Can discharge air and water at the same time. Mixed with steam equipments in the air, the original is mixed in the steam, the steam into water when it is separated out. The formation of air layer on the surface of the heat transfer in steam using equipment, seriously affect the heat conduction, air must therefore be ruled out. ( 4) Apply pressure range. For drain valves, if the pressure changes its performance is affected slightly, even stop movement is not, in this case you need it performance is not affected, and can adapt to any pressure. Also asked that the hydrophobic back pressure valve is permissible. ( 5) Easy to repair and maintenance. The requirement and the structure of the drain valve. Drain valve has simple structure, less moving parts. In order to make the action of the valve components do not produce stress, should be the day to choose appropriate materials, more important is its structure is easy to be processed. Anyhow, steam drain valve on the management should be regular maintenance without set full-time staff, that is to reduce maintenance costs. ( 6) High practicability. Drain valve should be small volume, light weight, high service life, low price, and don't loss due to air or steam barrier drainage capacity, air air blocking and steam vapor lock and other accidents.
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