Steam regulating valve repair point

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Steam regulating valve is with compressed air as power source, with cylinder as actuator, and by means of electric valve positioner, converters, solenoid valve, a valve to drive the valve such as attachment, realize the switch quantity or proportion type adjustment, industrial automation control system receives the control signal to complete conditioning pipeline medium: flow, pressure, temperature and other process parameters. Steam regulating valve accurately normal work to ensure the normal operation of the process unit and is of great significance to production safety. So it is necessary to strengthen the pneumatic control valve repair. Between maintenance when the focus of the inspection area to check the body wall: in high pressure and corrosive medium, the body wall, diaphragm valve diaphragm often hit from the medium and corrosion, must focus on check the state of stress corrosion; Check the seat: because when working medium infiltration, fixed seat with thread is susceptible to corrosion on the inner surface and make the seat relaxation; Check valve core, valve core is one of the moving parts of control valve, the erosion of the medium is relatively urgent, should carefully check the various parts of the valve core when maintenance is corrosion, wear, especially under the conditions of high pressure difference, the valve core of wear and tear caused by cavitation cavitation phenomenon is more urgent. Damage emergency valve core should be replaced; Check the sealing filler: check packing asbestos rope is dry, such as using ptfe packing, should pay attention to check whether aging and its mating surface is damaged; Check if actuators in the rubber film aging, have crack phenomenon. What is the electric regulating valve ball valve installation and maintenance and maintenance of common sense
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