Steam regulating valve screens or blocked several effective treatment methods

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Cleaning pipeline welding slag, rust, pulp are under the throttle mouth, guiding parts, valve cover balance hole blockage or stuck valve core surface, guide surface strain and scratches, seal surface indentation, etc. This often happens in the early new operation system and put into operation after overhaul. This is the most common fault. Encounter this situation, it is necessary to remove for cleaning, remove the slag content, such as the sealing surface damage should also grinding; At the same time open the bottom plug to flush out from under the balance hole fall into the valve bonnet slag content, and the pipeline to wash. Before put into operation, let fluorine-butterfly regulating valve fully open, medium flow into normal operation again after a period of time. External flushing method for some easy to precipitate, medium containing solid particles using common valve adjustment, often at the throttle mouth jam, guide, can the valve cover bottom plug in an external erosion gas and steam. When the valve is blocked or jammed, opened the door of an external gas or steam valve, can be in the case of fixed fluorine-butterfly valves to complete flushing work, make the normal operation of the valve. Of small diameter pipeline strainer installed method of steam regulating valve, especially ultra-small flow steam regulating valve, the throttling clearance, small, medium can't have a little residue. Encounter this jam, had better install a filter in the valve pipe before, to ensure that the media to go through. Belt use steam regulating valve positioner, locator is not normal work, the pneumatic throttle mouth blockage is the most common fault. With locator at work, therefore, must deal with gas source, usually adopts the way is in front of the locator air pipeline increases air filter and pressure relief valve installed on the throttle gap method such as solid particles in the medium or washed off in pipe welding slag and rust due to pass the throttle mouth such as jam, jam, such as fault, can convert the throttle gap big throttling parts & ndash; Throttling area of a window, open the valve core and the sleeve, rather than the circumference of a circle because of the throttling area of concentration distribution, fault can easily be ruled out. If you are single, two-seat valves can change the plunger type valve core to & quot; V' Shape of the mouth valve core, or into the sleeve valve, etc. Such as a chemical plant has a two-seat valves often gets stuck, recommend to switch to the sleeve valve, problem be solved immediately. Dielectric flushing method USES the scouring of medium energy, wash and take things easy to precipitate, easy to jam, thus improve the function of valve stem. Common methods include: (1) flow into closed type use; (2) in the valve body; (3) puts throttling mouth wash the worst place, using this method to pay attention to improve the throttling parts material erosion resistant ability. Straight to the Angle through to pour S flow, flow complex, upper and lower chamber should dead zone, provides the medium of precipitation. Angle connection, flows through 90 ℃ medium like elbow, washing performance is good, dead zone is small, easy, designed to streamline. Therefore, the use of direct steam regulating valve slightly jams can be used to Angle valve.
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