Steam solenoid valve working condition

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Steam solenoid valve with wider range of general medium, can be used respectively in the water, light oil, heavy oil, non - corrosive gas and steam and other fluids. Suction pipe drain system such as power plants and the evaporator of the exhaust system, mainly for the medium in the pipeline two position automatic adjustment and remote control. Work status - normally closed type Power on, power off - normally open type Power is open and electricity shut down steam solenoid valve installation considerations are as follows: 1, when installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve body shall be consistent with the medium flow direction. Not in a direct drop or splashing water. Solenoid valve should be installed vertically up. 2, the electromagnetic valve should guarantee for 15% of the rated voltage in power supply voltage Normal work within 10% range. China's independent research and development of the high-end servo valve in tianshui success with solenoid valve to reduce costs
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