'Steel bellows seal globe valve' seminar 'zhejiang manufacturing' standards

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Dominated by Newton's & other; Zhejiang manufacturing & throughout; Group standard 'steel bellows seal globe valve' start and the first seminar in zhejiang pump valve products quality inspection center was held successfully. Newton flow in & other; Throughout the countryside of Chinese pump valve &; Wenzhou oubei town, is a collection research and development, casting, production, sales and service in one of professional bellows valve production enterprise. Our main products are ( Jis, gb, American standard, Japanese standard) Corrugated pipe cut-off valve, corrugated pipe gate valve, bellows valve, corrugated pipe emergency cut-off valve, corrugated pipe valve for steam, heat conduction oil special corrugated tube valve, bellows valve for molten salt. Etc. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, new energy, military industry, shipbuilding, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical and other conditions. “ Zhejiang manufacturing & throughout; Based on & other; Regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international identity throughout the &; As the core, & other; Standard + certification & throughout; As the means, for the quality, technology, service, reputation, by the market and the society, on behalf of zhejiang manufacturing advanced regional brand image identification, zhejiang manufacturing & other; Benchmarking & throughout; , is the high quality high level & other; Pronoun throughout the &; 。 At the end of 2018, zhejiang brand construction association published the 2018 fifth batch & other; Zhejiang manufacturing & throughout; Standard plan '. Newton fluid technology co. , LTD. The steel bellows seal globe valve on the list. In standards led units in zhejiang province under the guidance of the pump valve products quality inspection center, Newton established the standard drafting team, in-depth research industry related information, integration of the corrugated pipe cut-off valve series data, the valve standards at home and abroad for reference, the rules, and make plan and industry experts and scholars to discuss the standard, and formulate standards promoting process, etc. , steadily push forward the formulation of the standards. At the start valve products quality inspection center, zhejiang province, valve standardization technology committee, yongjia county, zhejiang province, market supervision and administration, yongjia county, wenzhou electrical and mechanical technology association, pump valve, pump valve industry association of science and technology innovation service center, yongjia county, relevant experts and bethel valve group co. , LTD. , a group co. , LTD. , such as peer units and technicians were invited to discuss. Zhejiang pheasant second director of the pump valve products quality inspection center for & other; Zhejiang manufacturing & throughout; The source of the standard are introduced in detail, such as, the concept of group standard 'steel bellows seal globe valve in design, material, process, test, quality advanced requirements described. The participating experts and technical staff will prepare the steel bellows seal globe valve had in-depth discussions about the draft standard, the specific technical indexes of the standard and the content of the clause has made the detailed guidance and discussion, pointed out the direction of the modified finalized for the next step
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