Summary of drain valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Drain valve is an overview of the drain valve is used for steam pipe network and equipment, can automatically discharge condensate, air and other gases not condensation, and resistance steam leakage of the valve gate. Steam drain valve is installed between the steam heating equipment and water back into the manifold. When driving, barrel at the bottom, the valve fully open door. After the water into the drain valve flow to the bottom, with the valve body, completely submerged barrel, and then, the condensate by a fully open valve door to the back to the manifold. The steam from the bottom of the barrel into the drain valve, occupy the top of the barrel body, create buoyancy. Barrel rises slowly, moves in the direction of the valve seat lever, until completely close the valve gate. Air and carbon dioxide gas vent holes through the barrel, gathered at the top of the drain valve. From the vent discharge of steam, is due to the drain valve of the cooling and condensation. When in the condensate began full barrel barrel to leverage to create a pull. As the condensation water level rising, the force of increasing, until can overcome the pressure difference, door open the valve. Valve gate began to open, the differential pressure effect on the valve disc will be reduced. Barrel will fell rapidly, make the valve door open. Accumulate in the drain valve at the top of the no non-condensable gas discharge first, and then discharge frozen water. Drive the dirt out together when water flowed from barrel drain valve. Condensate emissions at the same time, steam to start into the drain valve, and a new cycle begins.
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