Summary of water pump control valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Water pump control valve with electric valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator three kinds of function, can effectively improve the safety and reliability of water supply system. And will be slow to open, quick closing, slowly-closing eliminate water hammer principle of technology integration, to prevent drive pump water hammer and stop the pump water hammer. By operating the pump motor and the smell of the button, the valve can be according to the water pump operation rules automatically opening and closing, large flow, small pressure loss. Diaphragm under applicable T600 diameter of the valve. Water pump control valve product features: water pump control valve is installed in the high-rise building water supply systems and other setting water pump outlet, prevent the backflow medium, water hammer and surge phenomenon of the intelligent valve. Prevent the backflow medium, prevent the formation of water hammer and surge phenomenon. - - - - - - Can effectively improve the safety and reliability of water supply system. Water pump control valve features 1, eliminate water hammer effect is good. Will slowly open, quick closing, technical principle - slowly-closing eliminate water hammer To prevent pumping water hammer and water hammer pump is going to produce. 2, easy to operate. Just pump motor open/close button operation, the valve is in accordance with the pump operating rules automatically open and close. 3, good energy saving effect. Streamline body adopts the whole channel once-through design, small pressure loss, large flow, and small volume, light weight.
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