Take you know stainless steel valve v-shaped ball valve design

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-07
Take you know v-shaped ball valve design stainless steel stainless steel valves, valve v-shaped ball valve is a senior quarter-turn valves, its main use for adjusting, also can be used for on-off valves. V valve core v-notch designs with special shape, so has great shearing force and self-cleaning function, especially suitable for fiber or a tiny solid granular media control. So our products are widely used in papermaking, chemical, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industrial department of automatic control system. To ensure long-term reliable valve is used, the designer must consider the various technical requirements by the user, as a basis for the design of one of the most basic parameters mainly include: the purpose of the valve, medium pressure and working temperature, using medium and its characteristics, nominal sizes nd degree structure produced, and the standard, and pipeline connection mode, size, and the valve drive way, need not to need sulfur resistance, fire type test certificate, antistatic structure, greasing demands, extended the valve stem. More above requirements, the type of valve can be set, nominal pressure PN CL or stress level. Nominal size DN or NPC. Main connection size and driving mode, etc. , selected the valve at the same time, the structure of the main parts of material, in order to further make good design, also should know the medium viscosity; Valve flow capacity requirements; Flow characteristic; The closing of the valve and open time. Power source; The valve installation position and the environmental conditions ( Such as explosion-proof, moistureproof, etc) ; Restrictions on the size of shape; Important restrictions; In addition to the requirement of vibration, before the design of the design process should do research work, and understand the structure of the factory design process conditions, workers technical level and so on, the valve is designed in accordance with the requirements of the standard premise, namely to meet user requirements, and make the lowest cost of product design and manufacturing cost. Stainless steel valve v-shaped ball valve design features: 1. One-piece body V valve adopts integral design, so to avoid the body leakage caused by use flange connection. 2. Movable sealing seat v-shaped sealing adopts the pre-tightening force of spring, make the sealing seat and the valve core is always closed, sealed performance is good, but in the long-term use of seal wear self-compensation effect, long service life. For different medium, different temperature, with PTFE seat ( Soft seat) And the metal valve seat. 3. Stainless steel valve core and self-lubricating bearing v-shaped ball valve valve core v-notch designs with special shape, make the valve flow characteristic is approximate equal percentage. The design USES the valve with the premise of accurate control performance and has a great deal of shear force and self-cleaning function. Stainless steel V type ball valve core USES stem up and down double fixed bearing, good stability, bearing materials with composite materials, the surface of the rotating bearing USES sintering process, with super wear resistance, and has the self-lubricating function, and thus avoid the valve killed phenomenon in the use for a long time. 4. Spline connection using spline connection between valve stem and valve core, has the good to neutral, load torque, long service life. Spline connection, is employed to effectively eliminate the fit clearance between the valve stem and valve core, to avoid the dead area, improved the precision of regulating valve.
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