Tankers solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Tankers solenoid valve in the gas station, sometimes will meet or no oil tankers oil slow, there are many reasons that cause this situation, some of which are the result of a damaged solenoid valve. When quantitative refueling tanker, the solenoid valve is opened entirely, when pitted remnant, rose, rose, close large flow signal from computer, continue to go to the preset number, small flow finally close small flow rate, closed motor, that there will not be a super pay oil phenomenon. Is when you take away or put inside the solenoid valve diaphragm head, gas quantity reaches the preset number, signal from the motherboard can't closed oil circuit, continue to the big flow, make the display panel display number is greater than the preset refueling. When double bolt in the above situation, a gun in the normal, the other a gun because of electromagnetic valve is broken, can't shut down oil, in the case of no boot can also give oil, but because of the mainboard didn't get the boot signal, so can't count, there are some hidden dangers. Therefore, when the electromagnetic valve cannot open lead to oil tankers out, should be the correct maintenance. First of all, should check the solenoid valve control circuit part, such as whether the zero line is entering, light valve plate damage, etc. Second, check the electromagnetic valve failure itself, such as whether coil circuit inside the valve and valve film hole blockage in the valve failure. If it is electromagnetic valve failure and cannot repair itself, a new electromagnetic valve should be replaced. Also should pay attention to when buying solenoid valve model should be replaced with consistent.
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