Teach you how to easily obtain electric butterfly valve design features

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Teach you how to easily obtain electric butterfly valve design features of electric butterfly valve is a variety of electric control valve. Connection ways mainly have flange and clamp. Is important in the field of industrial automation control execution unit. Belong to a variety of electric valves and electric control valve. Has a simple structure, small volume, light weight, material consumption, small installation size, small quick, 90 switch & deg; Reciprocating rotation, low driving torque, etc, used for truncation, connected, regulate medium in pipe has good flow control characteristics and close the sealing performance. Electric butterfly valve in the fully open position, the butterfly plate thickness is medium flows through the body when the only resistance, thus produced by the valve pressure drop is small, so it has good flow control characteristics. Butterfly valves have a seal and metal seal two kinds of seal type. Elastic sealing valve, sealing ring can be embedded in the body or attached to the butterfly plate peripheral. Using metal seal valve generally live longer than elastic sealing valve, but it is hard to be completely sealed. Metal sealing can adapt high working temperature, elastic seal has the defect of being limited by the temperature. If required electric butterfly valve used as flow control, mainly is the right choice of the size and type of valve. The structure and principles of butterfly valve is especially suitable for production of large diameter valves. Butterfly valve not only in the oil, gas, chemical industry, water treatment and other general industrial used widely, but also applied to the cooling water system of thermal power plants. Commonly used electric butterfly valve has the wafer butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, three kinds of butt welding type butterfly valve. The wafer butterfly valve with stud connecting the valve in place between two pipe flanges; Flanged butterfly valve is a valve with flange, bolts on the valve flange connection on the pipe flange on both ends; Two end connected to the pipe welding butt welding type butterfly valve. Streamlined design electric butterfly valve, make the loss of the fluid resistance is small, is a kind of energy-saving products. Stem for stem structure, through conditioning processing, has the good comprehensive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance. When the butterfly valve opening and closing the valve stem make rotation movement up and down and run, not only the valve stem packing is not easy to damage, reliable sealing. With the butterfly plate fixed cone pin, overhanging end to prevent rushed out of the design, in order to avoid in the stem and disc joint stem collapse accident broke out. Electric butterfly valve and the adjustment lever itself has no self-locking ability, in order to butterfly plate positioning, to add worm gear reducer on the valve stem. The use of worm gear reducer, can not only make the butterfly plate with self-locking ability, make the butterfly plate to stop at any position, also can improve the performance of the valve. Electric butterfly valve, operating torque for the opening and the direction of valve opening and closing its different values, different horizontal butterfly valves, especially large diameter valve, due to water depth, valve shaft, the water head difference generated by the torque also nots allow to ignore. In addition, the valve inlet side bend, form the bias current, torque will be increased. Due to water flow of the opening of the valve is in the middle moment, operators need to be self-locked.
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