, teach you how to identify butterfly valve door model

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Summary of butterfly valve door model establishment and 1. Summary along with the advance of science and technology and constantly updated products, the demand of industrial valve door has significantly improved, the use of butterfly valve door from normal temperature to high temperature and high pressure, low pressure development and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Because the butterfly valve door has small volume, light weight, flexible operation, easy installation, large flow capacity, etc, in food, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, high building, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, mining, textile and energy field has a lot of replaced the gate valve gate, globe valve and other valve gate. Developed, the main products are: hard, soft seal butterfly valve, ventilation butterfly valve door, expansion pipe. Introduction of foreign advanced technology, in the process of design, fabrication, inspection, etc in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system requirements of control. This product can also according to customer's configuration Settings, can choose pneumatic, electric, worm gear, four types provide configuration manually. 2. Characteristics and purpose butterfly valve door the product structure is compact, small volume, light weight, flexible operation, good sealing performance, small fluid resistance, long service life, easy installation, does not have the advantages of high temperature resistant. Use three eccentric structure at the same time, its connection form for the wafer, flange connection type, welding type may be adopted. Nominal pressure: PN0. 1Mpa~6. 4 mpa, nominal diameter: DN32 ~ 2500 mm, working temperature - 80 ~ 550 oc, material: cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel. Applicable to steam, oil, nitric acid, oxidizing medium and drainage pipeline equipment, etc. 3. Model establishment type code ( D said butterfly valve door) Structure code ( Table 1) Connection form code ( Table 2. ) Table a table two structure code structure code lever type 0 4 vertical flange plate 1 7 inclined plate 3 to the clamp welding code (6 drive Table 3. ) Table 3 table 4 codes of transmission way valve seat sealing surface or lining material codes worm gear 3 pneumatic 6 fluoroplastic alloy steel H F hydraulic 7 carbide Y electric 9 copper alloy T valve seat sealing surface or lining material code ( Table 4) Codes of nominal pressure valve body material codes ( Table 5) Table 5 valve door material code valve door code WCB CF8 (C 304). P8 1Cr5Mo ZG1Cr5Mo I CF3( 304 l) P3 1Cr18Ni9TiZG1Cr18Ni9Ti P CF8M( 316). R8 1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti R CF3M( 316 l) R3 product USES standard: JB/T8527 - Flange connection size: 97 GB9113. 1 - 9113. 26 - 88 the overall steel pipe flange; GB9115. 1 - 9115. 36 - 88 welded steel pipe flange; Structure length: GB/T5188. 2 - 94 wafer connection structure of the valve gate length; GB / T12221 - 89 flange connection metal structure of the valve gate length; Pressure test: GB/T13927 - 92 general valve door pressure test.
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