The advantages and disadvantages of electric valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Simply is to use of electric valve electric actuator, control valves, so as to realize the valve opened closed. It can be divided into fluctuation two parts, the upper part for electric actuator, the lower part of the valve. Electric valve before installation should be simulated action and pressure test. Electric valve is usually composed of electric actuators and valves. Electric valve using electricity as power to drive by electric actuator valve, use of electric control valve, to realize the action of valve. To achieve medium switch of the pipes. Solenoid valve is a class of electric valve; Is the use of the magnetic field generated by electromagnetic coil to pull the valve core, thereby change the on-off valve body, power coil, valve core will depend on the pressure of the spring return. Advantages: on liquid medium and large diameter gas is good, is not affected by climate. Is not affected by air compressed air pressure. Disadvantages: high cost, in the damp environment is bad. Action moment of electric valve valve, larger than normal switching speed can be adjusted, it has simple structure, easy maintenance, can be used to control air, water, steam, corrosive medium, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium types, such as fluid flow. While traditional pneumatic valves for buffer characteristics of the gas itself in the process of action, not easy to damage due to jam, but there is air source, and its control system is more complicated than the electric valve. This valve shall generally be installed in the pipeline. Electric valve for liquid, gas and wind system pipeline medium flow of analog control, is the control of AO. In large valve and wind system control can do two switch control with electric valve.
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