The advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic valves and electric valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Valve actuators + valve is industrial pipeline control adoption rate is very high, the scope of application is very wide in the field of pipeline control complete sets of equipment, it can achieve a variety of preset pipeline control purpose, widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, thermal power, chemical industry, oil refining and its pipelines on higher safety requirements in the process of conveying. Because the drive source of valve actuator used by divided into pneumatic valves, electric valves, etc. , due to the performance of the respective advantages and disadvantages of the valve, the difference between used in all kinds of conditions. A pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve itself design using air as the driving force, to eliminate the secondary accident triggered by power supply, so it is the biggest advantage is safety. In addition the pneumatic actuators are simple and easy to master and maintain relatively simple, such as relative to the hydraulic and electric valves cost less. Disadvantages: slower response, poor control precision, poor ability to resist deviation. 2 relative to the pneumatic valves, electric valves electric valve, high stability, high control precision, better ability to resist deviation. Due to the driving source is power, so use more convenient. Disadvantages: complex, prone to failure, response is slow, motor running to produce hot cause overheating, thermal protection, as well as increase of the reduction gear wear and tear, so the service life of pneumatic actuators.
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