The advantages of pneumatic diaphragm gate valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Pneumatic diaphragm gate valve adopts pneumatic diaphragm actuator, to overcome the pressure difference is big, the control precision, can be equipped with various types according to the requirements of customers locator and accessories. Can be used for all kinds of precise adjustment of gas, liquid and steam medium and fast cutting. Pneumatic diaphragm gate valve and high pressure, high temperature, low temperature type, etc. Series for users to choose. Slide type control valve has the following advantages: 1, to overcome the pressure difference is big. Slide valve compared with the same diameter pass valve, due to the small in the unbalanced force, overcome the same fluid pressure difference, only need to configure a smaller output force of the actuator. 2, control stability, low wear and tear. Medium flows through multiple throttling groove, fluid flow is relatively stable, reduce the fluid for trims scour damage, prolong the service life of the valve. 3, excellent adjustable ratio. Due to the slide type control valve by unbalanced force is small, also can work stable in a small open degree, the actual adjustable is bigger, above spake, so is suitable for the medium flow range is larger, under most conditions can use a slide type control valve to replace two points of process control single-seat valves. 4, high cost performance. Using the wafer body and easy installation. Slide type control valve USES the metal surface sealing seal form, the seal performance can get a guarantee for a long time after use. Valve core to corresponding hardening treatment according to the working condition of medium, prolong the service life of the valve. Using standardized, modular design, wearing parts. Pneumatic valve factory wuxi east the control valve industry
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