The appearance of the pneumatic valve structure and combination way

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
If the pneumatic valve is to promote conveying medium in pipe unit, the pneumatic valve is one kind can make for a balance pipe medium in the pipeline system control valve installation, the general also called for the pneumatic control valve, pneumatic valve because of the addition of pneumatic actuators, makes the adjustment of the automation, the valve will be and has a certain regulation performance. And this kind of valve gear structure with what characteristics? Combined with what characteristics? Here is to introduce: appearance structure: casting the end cover, the end of the cylinder on the flange, casing shall not be cut, cut, porosity, burrs, etc. Outside surface coating layer or chemical treatment should level off, smooth, colour and lustre is uniform, no pollution, indentation, and other mechanical damage. Combination: pneumatic - valve - Pneumatic valve positioner - Pneumatic actuators. This is one of the most commonly used pneumatic control system combination. Through the role of the auxiliary valve positioner, can make the pneumatic actuator position accurately, at the same time can be adjusted to a certain extent, enlarge the signal pressure, increase the output of the actuator force ( Moment) Stability, enhance the actuators work. Therefore, generally suitable for accurate positioning, differential pressure, the larger occasions.
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