The application of ball valve ball

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Ball valve ball is used to control the flow status of fluid pipeline, because of ball valve ball has simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, sealed performance is good, no inner leak, the advantages of small volume, has the market the user's favorite. So what's the application of the valve ball? Due to the seat sealing ball valve ball usually is made from plastic, therefore the choice on the structure and performance of the ball valve, want to consider the fire performance of ball valves, the equipment and piping system of inflammable, explosive medium used in ball valve, more should pay attention to fire prevention. Ball valve ball is suitable for low pressure cut-off, light structure, corrosive medium in the pipeline system. Can also be used in low temperature equipment and piping system ball valve sphere. Oxygen piping system in metallurgical industry, the ball valve ball when use requires strict degreasing process. Mains in the pipeline and gas transmission pipeline should be buried in the ground, the need to use full size welded ball valve sphere. When in requires regulation performance, need to use with v-shaped opening of the special structure of ball sphere.
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