The application of the center line butterfly valve in the series of anti-corrosion

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : the structure characteristics of the center line butterfly valve as the axis of the stem and disc center, ontology in the same position. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing. Common line with rubber butterfly valve which belongs to and so on. Defect is due to the butterfly plate and valve seat remain the state of extrusion, scratches, is apart from the big, fast wear. To overcome the extrusion, scratches, ensure the sealing performance, basically use the elastic material such as rubber or ptfe seat, but also because of the sealing material in use is limited by temperature, which is why people traditionally butterfly valve is not the cause of the high temperature resistant. Center line butterfly valve application in anti-corrosion series center line butterfly valve is a kind of used to realize on-off and flow control components, piping system has been used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water and electricity is widely used in many fields such as extremely. , using two pieces type stem connection without pin, simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance disassembly is very ( On-site dismantling) ; In the disk plate has the ability of automatic function ( Up and down, left and right) Surplus quantity, realizing the disc plate and valve seat transgressions. , tongue-and-groove type seat, ensure the accuracy of the connection between the valve body, valve seat, disc plate, at the same time can easily replace seat. And adopts world advanced spherical seal, seal more reliable. Because be spherical seal, valve in the opening and closing is a smooth transition, so reducing the friction, reduces the torque, can choose low power drive device, so as to reduce the cost of the user. At the same time increases the service life of the seat, - is common line valve Times) 。 , seat of the flange sealing surface using big wide edge, the structure of the arc, adapt valve can be set of jewels or welded flange connection request, and for any standard flange connection. Axial positioning device, the valve stem, using the two gaskets with a split ring and spring retainer ring structure. So can effectively prevent stem didn't mean to be disassembled, at the same time carry axial force, prevent stem weight transfer to butterfly plate. Plays a role of two-way seal, valve stem seal, that is, to prevent foreign matter invasion, prevent outflow of medium at the same time. , shaft sleeve, supporting the role of the stem, both at the same time reduces the opening and closing torque. There are two collar for users to choose, i. e. , lubrication of bronze, ptfe. Replace ordinary seat in the back of a chair, because the body itself, increases the overall strength of valve, to achieve common kilograms of nominal pressure center line butterfly valve can not be achieved.
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