The application of the liquid ammonia special ball valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-10
Liquid ammonia is special ball valve door applicable occasions: liquid ammonia special ball valve door usually use nylon and ptfe as the valve seat sealing ring material, so its use is limited by the valve seat sealing ring material temperature. As function of ball valve door is on the metal sphere under the action of medium, for plastic pressure to complete each other between the valve seat ( The floating ball valve door) 。 Valve seat seal under certain contact pressure effect, elastic-plastic deformation of local region. This deformation can be compensation sphere of manufacturing precision and surface roughness, guarantee the ball valve sealing performance of the door. Liquid ammonia is special ball valve gate valve seat seal is usually made with ptfe, so in the choice on the structure and properties of ball valve door, want to consider the refractory of ball valve door and fire prevention, especially in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other departments, in yi Ran, yi Bao medium used in the equipment and piping system of ball valve door, more should pay attention to fire and fire prevention. Usually, in two position adjustment, sealed performance is strictly, mud, wear, reducing channel, opening and closing action quickly ( 1/4 turn to open/close) , high pressure cut-off ( Differential pressure) , low noise, have spirit cave and gasification phenomenon, into the atmosphere of a small amount of leakage, small operation torque, small fluid resistance of the pipeline system, it is recommended to use ball valve gate. Liquid ammonia is special ball valve door by the actuators are classified according to different process equipment can choose pneumatic or electric actuators, forming an door and electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve with pneumatic ball valve door to be regulated to achieve proportional valve gate locator, liquid ammonia is special ball valve door for ordinary cast steel valve door poor corrosion resistance, casing perforation faults, special ball valve door types according to the specific characteristics of ammonia in the valve body material selection on the corrosion resistance of steel ( Carbon steel corrosion resistant alloy elements) , can resist the corrosion of gas, liquid ammonia, low temperature 40 ℃ to - - Working conditions of + 120 ℃, the maximum guarantee use requirement. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, fertilizer and other industries.
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