The ball valve model establishment method ball valve door model said method

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Ball valve model establishment method door: for the first time, purchasing products and knowledge of the valve gate valve door missing friends should know about our edit mode method, is the right choice and understanding of, the valve door products purchasing, this model editing method is combined with the international model, editing and internal technical selection to do the right, said of the additional code, ball valve, gate valve door code, drive mode, connection form, structure, form, sealing material, pressure rating, the valve body material, hope to help the masses of users. Door, ball valve model establishment method statement said: ball valve door additional code: V cryogenic valve core with a v-shaped structure, D, B said heat preservation, eccentric structure, U and S and P said DY said jacket type; The code name of the ball valve door: Q said ball valve gate; Ball valve gate driver code: 2 electro - hydraulic turbine, 3 said, 6 said pneumatic, 9 said 7 said hydraulic, electric, manual without number; Connection code: 1 female, 4 said flange, 6 said welding, 7 said the wafer; Structural type code: floating: 1 for straight-through flow to said, 2 Y type tee, 4 L tee, 5 T T; : fixed: 0 means hemisphere pass-through, 6 said cross flow, 7 said direct flow to 9, 8 said L tee, said Y type tee; Sealing material code: B babbitt, fluorine rubber, F46 fluorine-butterfly F, H rust steel, rubber lining, M J monel alloy, nylon plastic, monel P, N Y valve body directly processing hard alloy, W; Pressure rating code: 16 said pressure is 16 kg ( 1. 6Mpa) Maximum to 64 mpa; Class: 150 lb said American standard pressure, maximum pressure rating of up to 2500 lb ( 150磅= 1。 6MPA/300LB=2. 5 - 4. 0mpa/400LB=6. 4mpa/600LB=10mpa) ; : 5 k level, pressure, maximum pressure of 63 k; The valve body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, carbon steel, chrome molybdenum steel, P18 I C - 8 stainless steel, RMo2Ti stainless steel, S plastic. Ball valve door editor for example: 1, DQ41H - 16 P said: D ball valve door, 4 flange connection, low temperature, Q 1 floating straight flow channel, H stainless steel, 16 pressure is 16 kg, P valve body for 18 8 series stainless steel; 2,Q645F - 25 C said: Q flanged ball valve door, 6 pneumatic drive, 4, 5, F t t flow path fluorine plastic, 25 pressure 25 kg, C steel casting. Common ball valve gate type: V type ball valve door: VQ40F, VQ640F, VQ940F, VQ641H, VQ941H, VQ70F, VQ670F, VQ970F, VQ71H, VQ671H, VQ971H; Insulation ball valve door: BQ41F, BQ641F, BQ941F; Stainless steel ball valve door: Q41F, Q641F, Q941F, Q41H, Q641H, Q941H; Lining fluorine ball valve gate: Q41F46, Q641F46, Q941F46; Cryogenic ball valve gate: DQ41F, DQ41H, DQ41Y; The wafer ball valve gate: Q71F, Q671F, Q971F, Q71H, Q671H, Q971H, high temperature ball valve gate: Q41M, Q641M, Q941M, Q41PPL, Q641PPL, Q941PPL, fixed ball valve gate: Q347F, Q647F, Q947F, Q347H, Q647H, Q947H, Q347W, Q647W, Q947W; Turbine ball valve gate: Q341F, Q341H, Q341W, Q341Y; Welded ball valve gate: Q61F, Q361F, Q61H, Q661F, Q661H, Q961F, Q961H; Eccentric valve hemisphere: Q340F, Q640F, Q940F, Q340H, Q640H, Q940H, Q340Y, Q640Y, Q940Y; Jacket type ball valve gate: SQ340F, SQ940F, SQ340H, SQ940H, SQ347H, SQ647H, SQ947H, DYQ340F, DYQ640F, DYQ940F; Three-way ball valve gate: Q44F, Q45F, Q44H, Q45H, Q644F, Q645F, Q644H, Q645H, Q944F, Q945F, Q944H, Q945H; Four-way valve gate: Q46F, Q46H, Q646F, Q646H, Q946F, Q946H.
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