The basic structure and forms of vacuum valve door

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Vacuum valve door roughly two kinds: one kind is isolated from the atmosphere and vacuum space after closing the switch valve door, another kind is to adjust the ventilation flow variable valve gate. The latter in the imported devices such as gas. Vacuum valve door in general refers to pneumatic valve door switch. The basic function of the valve gate is in closing is isolated from the atmospheric and vacuum space. ( 1) The basic structure of the vacuum valve door ( 1) Valve door sealing part, 2) The shaft, 3) Cover the seal. Depending on the structure of the three parts used in different vacuum field. ( 2) Valve gate valve door in the form of generally have four forms, namely, Angle valve, butterfly valve door, through the valve and gate valve door. Various valve door and selected according to the application of vacuum areas ( 3) Valve gate drive valve gate drive has two kinds of manual and automatic. Automatic valve door is given priority to with compressed air driven, part of the small gate valve driven by electromagnet. 2. Flow variable valve gate flow variable valve is mainly used to control the vacuum container door control effectively the exhaust speed and quantity of the gas import. ( 1) Gas import valve gate valve gate, by controlling the oxygen free copper and hard alloy contact conduction rate to control the gas flow, high reliability. Traffic variable valve door is made of metal, can be baked can also cut off gas imports. ( 2) Circulation variable valve door the valve door is installed between the vacuum chamber and exhaust pump, by adjusting the gas conduction rate to adjust exhaust velocity. Photo 1 is butterfly valve door, through the piston Angle changes in gas conduction rate adjustment.
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