The basis of electric ball valve selection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Is a control element, in the application of fluid pipeline system, it is very extensive, its use is also very much, to control the flow, pressure, flow and so on, all have very good effect. Due to the electric ball valve quality, for the safety of the pipeline, has a great influence, so in the choice of electric ball valves, must according to certain steps and basis for selection. Electric ball valve selection is based on what? 1, clear his company's the mouth of the pipe diameter, and know that you need to choose what size and the connection mode of electric ball valve. 2, according to the needs of pipeline, some common parameters determine the electric ball valves, such as discharge capacity, can allow flow resistance, and the size of the seat hole size, and so on, these parameters if there is no right, control flow, the effect of the electric ball valve will be discounted. 3, according to the working temperature of pipe, choosing the appropriate material, of course, pipeline pressure, are to be taken into consideration. In addition, to remind is, don't rush to choose products, get to know what are now popular electric ball valve products, performance, and the best way to understand these, is the connection of electric ball valve manufacturing enterprises, to provide product catalog, style, etc. , shop around, to choose the most valuable products. Link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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