The cause of leakage of electric valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-05
The causes of leakage are: (1) sealing surface grinding well; (2) the sealing ring and valve seat and valve disc with no tightness; (3) the disc and stem connection not firm; (4) stem bend torsion, make up and shut down a wrong; (5) shut down too fast, bad sealing surface contact or already damaged; 6. Improper selection of materials, cannot endure the corrosion of the medium; All landowners will stop valve, gate valve used for adjusting. Seal face cannot endure the erosion of the high-speed flow medium; Today, some media after the valve closed cooling, make the seal face in thin seam, also produces erosion phenomenon; Pet-name ruby some sealing surface and USES threaded coupling between the seat, disc, easy to produce the oxygen concentration cell, loose corrosion; Attending for impurities such as embedded welding slag, rust, dust, or mechanical parts in the production system off plug valve core, valve cannot be locked. Prevention measures include: (1) before use must carefully test leakage, found that the sealing surface leakage or seal leaking roots, to deal with again after use; (2) to check the valve parts in advance, can not use stem bend torsion or disc and stem connection not * valves; (3) the valve shut to make steady effort and don't make MengJin, found between the sealing surface contact is bad or if there is any block, should immediately open a bit, let the debris flow, and then carefully shut; When choosing the valve (4), not only want to consider the corrosion resistance of the body, and to consider closing a corrosion resistance; (5) according to the structure characteristics of the valve, the correct use, need to adjust the flow components regulating valve should be used; 6. To close the valve after cooling medium and temperature difference is bigger, then the valve shut up after cooling;
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