The characteristics of intelligent pneumatic ball valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Pneumatic ball valve with its own advantages, often used in many fields. For example, with its compact structure, reliable sealing, the current limit of many chemical plant and language, namely to methane, ethylene, hydrogen peroxide products such as current limiting. First, pneumatic ball valve seat tightness is good, in particular, in the elastic materials such as ptfe do successful sealing ring, not leak problem, and as the medium pressure, ball valve valve sealing ability will be more and more good; Second, with elastic material such as ptfe, can produce good self-lubrication effects, even if the ball friction, wear and tear strength is not big, however, so the service life of pneumatic ball valve will be longer than regular valve; Third, in the classification of all valves, pneumatic ball valve with its small fluid resistance, favored by consumers, such as the familiar shrink by pneumatic ball valve, fluid resistance is very small; Fourth, the ball valve stem seal is more, because the valve stem is not make lifting movement, and prevent the rotation shipment and packing is not easy damaged, Fifth, in view of the thrust bearing, can play to reduce the valve stem, according to the effect of friction even if used for a long time, still can flexible manipulation of stem; Sixth, anti-static function cannot be ignored. The spheres, between the body and the valve stem, about west fluid designers in the spring, can be safe in the process of the valve opening and closing export of static electricity; Seventh, bottoms type valve stem, which can effectively prevent the valve stem, encounter the problem such as fire, for example, it is easy to destroy the sealing, and this method can be formed in the body between the metal contact, ensure no leakage. > The working principle of pneumatic program control valves & gt; Pneumatic quick sacking mud valve & gt; Pneumatic flow control Angle seat valve
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