The characteristics of the elastic soft-sealing gate valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-07
Light weight: made from ontology with senior nodular cast iron, weight than traditional gate about 20% reduction in weight 30%, easy installation and maintenance. Flat type seat: traditional gate often wash the tube in the water after the external, such as stone, wood, cement, iron filings, sundry sedimentation on the bottom of the valve such as the slots, easy to cause cannot close tightly and form slack phenomenon, at the bottom of the seal of the elastic base seat gate valves using the same flat as the pipe design, not easy to cause debris deposition, make the flow unimpeded. Overall plastic bags: the valve is made of high quality rubber, outsourcing, the whole Europe - Flow of rubber vulcanization technology make the valve after vulcanization can keep accurate geometry size, and rubber and ductile iron valves, then is not easy to fall off and elasticity hui yi jia. Jingzhu valve: the valve body adopts precision casting, precise geometry size inside the body to ensure the valve without the need for any finish sealing. Embedded copper nut: copper nut and elastic valve adopts the embedded joint, make the two together, not loose or damaged due to water flow caused by vibration phenomenon. Corrosion resistance: the body USES the powder epoxy resin coating, can prevent the body of the corrosion and rust, and can be used in the sewage system. Not easily broken, in the past the traditional cast iron gate valves often due to the external things hit, collision or pressure caused by fracture. Due to the ontology to nodular cast iron, this kind of situation has been greatly reduced. Three & other; O” Ring sealing ring: as the stem with three & other; O” Type sealing ring seal design, can reduce the friction resistance is closed, sharply reduce leakage phenomenon and can not replace the sealing ring of water construction. Help to raw drink: mountain within the body with non-toxic, epoxy resin coating, both internal and external surfaces of the valve in rubber completely lie without water rust or corrosion phenomenon, to drink.
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