The characteristics of the electric ball valve valve seal

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Many factors influencing the electric ball valve valve sealing, the characteristics of the main has the following kinds: a medium by the physical, the structure of the seal, the sealing surface pressure, sealing quality. A, the physical properties of a medium by the physical properties of the medium and affect the valve sealing performance. These physical properties including temperature, viscosity and the surface hydrophilicity etc. Temperature changes not only affect the sealing pair sags and parts size change, also has close ties with the viscosity of the gas. As the temperature rise and fall, the viscosity of a gas increase/decrease. Therefore, in order to reduce the influence of temperature on the valve sealing performance, we in the seal design, to design it into resilient seated with heat compensating valve, etc. Second, the seal structure under the change of temperature or the sealing force, seal structure will change. And this change will influence and change the seal force between each other, so as to reduce the valve sealing performance. Therefore, when choosing the seals, must choose elastic deformation of the seal. At the same time, also want to pay attention to the width of the sealing surface. Due to seal the interface is not perfectly, as sealing face width increases, will be needed to increase the sealing force. Three, the sealing surface pressure seal face specific pressure size affects the size of the valve sealing performance and valve life. Therefore, the sealing surface pressure is also very important a factor. Under the condition of the same, too much pressure can cause damage to the valve, but the pressure is too small cocktail party cause valve leakage. Four, seal is mainly refers to the quality of the seal quality is we want the choice of material, match, on the manufacturing precision of control. For example, disc and seat sealing surface is very consistent, can improve the sealing. The ring to the waviness more characteristic, is the labyrinth seal performance is good.
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