The characteristics of the vacuum valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Yongjia county, the valve door co. , LTD. , is set research and development, production, sales, service integration of manufacturing enterprises. Has production vacuum valve door professional science and technology, advanced process equipment and testing equipment and strict quality management system. Product specifications complete, reliable performance, form a complete set of vacuum system is worth the preferred products. Under a vacuum valve door for brief introduction: one, the small high vacuum flapper valve valve body are high-tech precision casting precision casting technology and equipment, made of stainless steel castings is completely able to obtain dense structure. No & other; Porosity, loose, sand & throughout; Casting defects such as. Neat, beautiful shape. The valve body leak rate is better than that of 10 - 10Pa. M3 / S。 Completely suitable for ultra high vacuum conditions. Second, GYC - JQ series electromagnetic high vacuum differential pressure type pneumatic valve to prevent oil return performance improved greatly after the structure of high vacuum differential pressure type pneumatic valve was improved, make product performance more reliable, more suitable for mechanical vacuum pump working condition requirements. There are three key can sex has improved: ( 1) 。 Close valve shorter time to < 0. 7 seconds, is more advantageous to prevent return oil; ( 2) 。 Open valve a slight delay time, only the vacuum after reaching a certain value the valve door to open it, if there is no pressure difference when back to normally open state, ( 3) 。 Products of vacuum leak rate was improved by the original low vacuum value to high vacuum, can satisfy completely the requirements of high vacuum conditions, such as higher requirement of the safety of the rotary vane pump inlet valve. Three, unique one-piece high vacuum regulating ball valve throttle opening door more superior one-piece high vacuum pumping speed regulating ball valve door adopt & other; V” Type throttle mouth makes adjusting pumping speed more superior, the main path of the exhaust tube mounted on single crystal furnace is used to adjust the extraction rate of furnace body, changed the old & other; Butterfly valve door + baffle valve & throughout; Combinations. Fourth, GDC - Electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve and DDC - J JQ vacuum electromagnetic valve coil electricity for a long time will not produce high temperature scientific control circuit and electromagnetic road design makes the electromagnetic valve coil is always working in high efficient province work conditions. Under the condition of room temperature 30 ℃ continuous work 72 hours of coil temperature appearance & le; 55 ℃, the product shell temperature is lower. And electronic components don't hot. That will never burn out the coil of phenomenon happens.
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