The check valve model establishment method? The check valve figure number meaning

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
The check valve model establishment meaning; Non-return valve, also known as a one-way valve, back pressure valve, non-return valve, flow valve belong to automatic valve and check valve is one of the indispensable products in the pipeline system, its role is to prevent the backflow medium, to prevent reverse flow of medium. Is through the flow of the medium itself to opening and closing a gate valve. And subject to change with the continuous upgrade of pipeline system, the modernization of traditional check valves have been short of market demand, in recent years the birth of many new type check valve figure number, to provide customers with more knowledge of check valve figure number, wei valve gate according to common check valve model is analyzed. The following is our common check valve model establishment method, the check valve model establishment is in accordance with the international valve model establishment method subdivided into. Is a professional model establishment of check valve representative for more details. The same time purchasing or don't know my way around, the check valve type user please read carefully. The check valve model establishment method: such as H41H - 16 c check valve is added in sequence number: HH micro resistance slow close check valve, BH insulation, HQ ball type check valve check valve; (1) check valve type: H represents the check valve; 2 check valve connection: 4 welding flanges, 6, 7 to clip; (3) check valve forms: 1 vertical lift and 2, 4 swing, 6, 8 butterfly double disc type; (4) check valve seal: B babbitt, fluorine plastic F, H, M monel alloy stainless steel, rubber, hard alloy, Y W X directly processing; 5] check valve pressure: the pressure of 16 16 kilograms, PN1. 6 - Class 25 mpa, 150 lb - Level 5 k - 2500 lb, day 63 k; [6] check valve material: Q nodular cast iron, carbon steel, P - C 304年,R - 316. I'm A titanium alloy, chrome molybdenum steel; , common models: the check valve lift check valve to the clamp: H71X, H71H; Wing to the clamp twin disc check valves: H76X, H76H; Round to the clamp plate check valve: H74H, H74I, H74M; Silent check valve: H42H, H42W; Micro resistance slow close check valve: HH44H, HH46H, HH49H; Rubber check valve: the valve disc type HC44X; Silencing check valve: HC41H, HC41X, HC41T; Lift check valve: H41H, H41W; Swing check valves: H44H, H44W; Slide the ball type check valve: HQ41X; Welding check valve: H61Y, H62Y, H64Y.
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