The checking work includes stainless steel valves?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
The checking work includes stainless steel valves? Do a good job, stainless steel valve inspection is to do a good job of stainless steel valve operation and management of the premise. Should set up the inspection team, the main work in addition to checking funnelled, construction supervision, also want to put the checking work as its main content, stainless steel valve by valve buried loss rate of the stainless steel valves to examine the inspection work. Stainless steel valve inspection work main content includes: 1. Check valve of stainless steel materials; 2. The appearance of the stainless steel body and seals; 3. Electric valve opening, the error of measurement to witness, switch is sensitive. 4. Pneumatic valve have leakage, have stuck; 5. Body, packing, cover places such as whether there is a leak, packing force; 6. Whether on sealing test must see, flange surface leakage, consider national standard of pressure difference; 7. Whether the bolt looseness, especially high temperature valve; 8. Stainless steel valve support position; 9. If heat preservation stainless steel valves, insulation valve is complete; 10. The installation direction is correct; 11. Regular visit stainless steel gate valve well, make sure it's not buried, don't tie up. Observation is brake well terrain changes, manhole covers must be higher or lower, should guarantee the manhole cover is neither being buried, don't get in the way of the road traffic safety, to pile up sundry on location should supervise and urge move, timely replacement for damaged manhole cover, shaft ring, collapse of brake shaft should be in a timely manner to build by laying bricks or stones or repair; 12. Inspect for road construction. With the accelerating pace of urban construction, urban infrastructure construction and renovation projects continue to increase, to do a good job of stainless steel valve inspection construction road, to prevent the valve buried synchronization with road construction for stainless steel valve repair replacement work if has extremely important meaning; 13. Stainless steel valves PaoMaoDiLou, through inspection, find some obvious fault of valves. Such as leakage of stainless steel valves, it can be easily found in the process of inspection.
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