The choice of electric ball valve on the basis of what

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
As a kind of valve electric device, the electric ball valve in the application of the fluid piping system is very wide, use very much. Quality electric ball valve has a great influence on security in pipeline so choosing electric ball valves, must according to certain steps and basis for choosing, the following is a choice based on the electric ball valve: explicit use of pipe diameter, and then select the corresponding models and the connection way. According to the situation of the pipeline, some parameters of electric ball valves, such as discharge capacity, allow the flow resistance, seat Kong Tong diameter size, and so on. According to the working environment temperature to select suitable materials, including working pressure also want to consider. Electric ball valves, many different kinds of products, performance is different, so you need to fully understand the product performance, considering the actual operating conditions, can choose the suitable products. Electric ball valve is mainly suitable for gas, oil, air and water and other medium, because of the advantages of the electric ball valve has a lot of, so it has a very wide range of use of the electric ball valve advantages: 1, in the earth pressure and temperature range, and can achieve completely sealed; 2, working medium on the double sealing is reliable; 3, can bear stress from the pipe; 4, which can realize the rapid opening and closing; 5, ball close to automatically locate on the location. Explosion-proof explosion-proof electric wire electric 3-way ball valve mouth stainless steel ball valve explosion-proof electric hard seal butterfly valve
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