The classification of the valve and its USES

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-02
The classification of the valve and its USES. 1 according to valve USES a) Truncation use: truncation pipeline in the media. Such as: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, plug valves, butterfly valves, and b) Stop recycling: prevent the backflow medium. Such as: check c) Adjust with: adjust the pressure and flow rate. Such as regulating valve, relief valve, throttle valve, butterfly valve, v-shaped opening ball valves, balance valves such as d) Distribution with: change the flow direction of medium in pipeline, distribution of medium. Such as distributing valve, three-way or four-way ball valve and plug valve and e) Safe use: used for overpressure protection. Such as: safety valve, relief valve. f) Other special purposes, such as steam trap, air trap, drain valve, exhaust valve, breathing valve, discharge valve, temperature control valve, etc. 1. 2 points a) the form of the drive Automatic valve: ability and action by the medium itself. b) Valve drive: including manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. 1. 3 according to the pressure points a) Vacuum valve: less than standard atmospheric pressure b) Low-pressure valve: PN≤ 1. 6MPa c) Medium-pressure valves: PN2. 5 ~ 6. 4MPa d) High pressure valve: PN10. 0 ~ 80. 0MPa e) Ultra-high pressure valve: PN≥ 100Mpa 1. 4 a) according to the working temperature points Cryogenic valve: t< 100° C b) Cryogenic valve: - 100° C≤ t≤ - - - - - - 40° C C) Room temperature valve: - 40° C< T≤ 120° C< P> d) Medium temperature valve: 120 & deg; C< T≤ 450° C< P> e) High temperature valve: t> 450° C 1。 5 according to the general classification of gate ( 门) : gate driven by stem, along the lifting movement of the valve seat sealing surface do small flow resistance, opening and closing force is small, open long time according to the valve stem points: rising stem gate valves ( 外螺纹, 和- - - - - - yoke: OS& Y) Non-rising stem gate ( 非升杆:评分) According to ram points: flat gate valve parallel gate ( Plain plate, single gate, double flat double - 阀瓣平行门) Wedge gate valve wedge gate ( Single ram one - Piece wedge, double split wedge brake plate) Elastic flexible wedge gate, rigid solid wedge gate is according to the flange points: bolted bonnet ( 螺栓连接阀盖:B。 B) Pressure seal bonnet ( 压力密封阀盖) Threaded welded bonnet ( 螺杆, 焊接阀盖) Globe valve ( 全球范围内) : disc driven by the valve stem, valve lift movement along the axis of the valve seat sealing surface do small stroke, opening and closing time is short, the flow resistance is big, big opening and closing force according to the valve stem points: outer thread under the cut-off valve, cut-off valve according to the passage points: straight-through type globe valve, Angle globe valve ( 全球的角度) Cut-off valve, tee, 3 - 方式) , Y type globe valve ( Y- 类型) Taper sealing (according to the disc points: 插头) And spherical seal ( 球) , parabolic ( 抛物型) , plane sealing ( plain) Type, needle knife type seal, v-shaped, cut-off valve, 针) , the plunger valve flange points: according to the bolted bonnet, pressure seal bonnet, thread welded bonnet check valve ( 检查) Force: disc medium, automatic stop valve media one-way flow of medium counter-current points: the form of the structure swing check valve ( 旋启式止) Lift check valve ( 活塞,提高 检查) Butterfly check valve ( 蝴蝶检查,双核 板晶片, 类型检查) Wafer check valves ( 对夹式止) Ball valve ( 球) : a sphere around the perpendicular to the path of the axis of the rotating valve flow resistance is small, use temperature is not high, poor throttle points: the form of the structure of floating ball valve ( 浮球) , fixed ball valve ( 固定球) According to the structure of midplane points: one type ball valve ( 一块) Two type ball valve (, 两块,进料侧) , three type ball valve ( 三块) , the jacket type ball valve ( 顶端插入固定球) Butterfly valve, 蝴蝶) : disc around a fixed axis rotation of the valve opening and closing force is small, small flow resistance, good regulation performance, working pressure and temperature range small points: the form of the structure center butterfly valve ( 中心- 线) , single eccentric butterfly valve ( 单 抵消) , double eccentric butterfly valve ( 双- 抵消,双偏心) , triple eccentric butterfly valve ( 三, 抵消,三偏心) According to the connection points: wafer butterfly ( 圆片型) , flange type butterfly valve ( 法兰类型) And lug butterfly valves ( 接头类型) Welding butterfly valve ( 焊接类型) 1. 6 special valve bellows valve ( 波纹管密封阀) Jacketed valve ( 夹克阀) Cryogenic valves ( 低温阀) Low leakage valve ( 低排放) Extension rod valve ( 扩展轴阀)
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