The concept of the hydraulic control valve - The type and working principle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Knowledge of hydraulic control valves: 1, the concept of hydraulic control valves, hydraulic control valve is hydraulic control valves, it consists of a main valve and attached catheter, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge, etc. 2 the kinds of hydraulic control valves, Shanghai valve factory: depending on the purpose, function and place can be turned into a remote-controlled floating ball valve, relief valve, slow close check valve, flow control valve, relief valve, hydraulic electric control valve, water pump control valve, etc. According to the structure can be divided into two categories, the diaphragm and piston. 3, GuiLong pump valve hydraulic control valve diaphragm type and piston type two kinds of valve working principle is the same, is more than the downstream pressure difference delta P, is controlled by a pilot valve, the diaphragm ( The piston) Hydraulic differential operation, entirely by hydraulic automatic adjustment, so that the main valve valve fully open or fully closed or in a state of adjustment. When entering the diaphragm ( The piston) Of control room above the pressure downstream of the water is discharged into atmosphere, or low pressure area, effect in the bottom of the valve plate above and below the diaphragm of the pressure value is greater than the pressure value, so the main valve plate to the fully open position; When entering the diaphragm ( The piston) Pressure of control room above the water can't row to the atmosphere or downstream low pressure area, the diaphragm ( The piston) At the top of the pressure value is greater than at the bottom of the pressure value, so will the pressure of the main valve disc to the fully closed position; When the diaphragm ( The piston) Of control room above the pressure in the inlet pressure and outlet pressure, the main valve disc is in a state of adjustment, adjust the position depends on its adjustable needle valve in the duct system and joint control of pilot valve. Adjustable valve can through the downstream outlet pressure and along with the change of it up or down its own small valve port, thus changing the diaphragm ( The piston) Above the control room of the pressure value, control the adjustment of the valve plate location.
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