The country's first fully automatic hydraulic transmission valve testing platform is developed

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
On the one hand, the production technology of the lab and factory production of actual disconnect, on the other hand, new equipment, new technology, it is difficult to find the courage to try & other; Mice & throughout; , the transformation of scientific and technological innovation for the enterprise production capacity or products tend to fall short. To get through this & other; Throughout the last kilometer &; , jiangbei last year a number of mechanisms to innovation, and gradually push the enterprise to the center of the innovation drive. In the project review mechanism, jiangbei for wear & other scientific and technological achievements; Market scope & throughout; A market prospect PingGuGuan first, science and technology projects, then see how practical technology and innovative, disconnect from the source to avoid the research and development and market. Jiangbei require companies to promise, after three years of depreciation for not less than 50% of the original repurchase by introducing new equipment, reversed transmission enterprise struggle & other; Drain & throughout; The creative potential of new equipment. The practice pilot work in zhejiang university institute for a year, only less than 30 million yuan, more than the same type work being put into 1. The output of 200 million yuan. Jiangbei will also guide the institute built directly in the enterprise, make scientific research platform and enterprise & other Zero distance & throughout; 。 In August, tongji university allocates funds, set up the car in xinyuan company of new energy materials research center, solve the problem of pilot area. Companies also began to set up a research institute directly. “ Huaxiang automobile & throughout; Hire a German engineer to establish research institute two years ago, to provide technology services to other companies, research and development for more than two years contract & other; Order & throughout; 2. 500 million yuan. Similar technology service-oriented enterprises, jiangbei there are 34. Jiangbei next will strengthen scientific research of the enterprise financial services. In the next three years, the district government will take out 100 million yuan industry guide, set up financial and angel investment projects of science and technology, and with Banks, venture capital and other social intermediary cooperation, support business development. Jiangbei emerging advanced equipment manufacturing, auto parts, magnetic materials, membrane materials, medical equipment and other emerging industry cluster, will also be in today's double on the basis of 10 billion yuan output value scale. Since the second half of last year, industrialization prospect like this & other; The domestic first ( Set) ” Manufacturing products, jiangbei YiErShiGe have sprung up all of a sudden, most of them by the small and medium-sized, start-up corporation contribution. Last year, jiangbei stepped up its investment in science and technology to the start-up, the proportion of district-level fiscal funds flow to the start-up of science and technology from less than 10% to 40%, the effect is immediate. This year, the plan up to 50%. Zhejiang university expert LiXiaoRun and start-up corporation & other; Yu chau hydraulic & throughout; Three years of cooperation, to break the foreign monopoly on hydraulic transmission valve manufacturing, businesses are also opened a new market. The article links: always fine letter WWW mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 com
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