The daily maintenance of pneumatic control valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
The daily maintenance of pneumatic control valve of pneumatic control valve maintenance: because of the regulating valve using the environment evil Shirley, hard to avoid appear some fault in use. Therefore, for a certain regulating valve maintenance and repair is necessary. Pneumatic control valve is the main content of the daily maintenance should have the following: ( 1) The valve body wall. Check the pressure, corrosion conditions. ( 2) The valve seat. Because medium infiltration, a fixed valve seat with the thread is susceptible to corrosion on the inner surface of the valve seat is loose, check should be pay attention. To high-pressure situations, still should check whether the valve seat sealing surface is bad. ( 3) The valve core. Carefully check whether all parts of the valve core is corrosion, wear and tear, especially under the condition of high pressure differential valve core is more serious wear and tear, and should be pay attention to. You also should check whether the valve rod has a similar phenomenon, loose or connected to the valve core, etc. ( 4) Diaphragm, o-ring and other gasket. Check whether the aging and crack damage. ( 5) Packing. Check whether the ptfe packing, sealing grease is aging, dry, mating surface is damaged.
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