The daily maintenance of pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve is a kind of operation by compressed air valve opening and closing device, with air supply can work, and fast switching speed, save human resource and time, also can undertake centralized control over a long distance, do not need to the scene or high altitude and dangerous to bring a manual operation. And what time do the daily maintenance of pneumatic valves and what? 1, clean the valve: for general cleaning medium, just wash with water. But the cleaning medium is bad for your health, to understand its characteristics, choose the corresponding way to clean again. 2, remove valve: surface will appear rusty parts derusting first, before cleaning, to protect the seat, valve core, valve stem and other parts of processing surface, remove the seat tools should be used. 3, valve core and valve seat: two smaller sealing surface pitting and wear available machining method to repair, if badly damaged to change new. But no matter hard sealing surface, after the repair or replacement for grinding. 4, the valve stem, surface damage, can only change new. 5, push rod, guide, and the sealing surface damage: the reaction to change new actuator, and to align the role of actuators, can be used after proper repair. 6, compression spring: if there are any impact strength of the defects such as cracks, should change new. 7, the vulnerable parts: packing, sealing gaskets and o-rings, each time maintenance to change new. Diaphragm to check whether there is a predictor of the future possible crack corrosion, aging and trace, according to the results of the inspection to decide whether to change, but could diaphragm for 2 - commonly For three years. 8, pneumatic valve assembly should pay attention to the bolt to tighten on the diagonal, sliding part to add lubricating oil. After assembly shall be according to the product factory test program and method of debugging, and during this period, condiment clamping force can be adjusted more accurately, closed position valve core and valve locator.
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