The definition and components of electric valve device

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
电动装置一般由下列部分组成: 一、专用电动机,特点是过载能力强﹑起动转矩大﹑转动惯量小,短时﹑断续工作 二、减速机构,用以减低电动机的输出转速 GT气动PVC蝶阀 气动PP球阀 电动不锈钢法兰球阀 三、行程控制机构,用以调节和准确控制阀门的启闭位置 四、转矩限制机构,用以调节转矩( Or thrust) And no more than the expected value of 5, manual, electric switching mechanism, manual or electric interlock mechanism of six operation, opening indicator, to show in the process of opening and closing of the valve position
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