The definition and principle of diaphragm valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Diaphragm valve is a special kind of block valve, the opening and closing is a diaphragm made with soft materials, it will be separated from the valve body cavity with the valve cover lumen. The diaphragm valve is but actually & other; Clamps & throughout; Valve, a flexible, it can be one of the diaphragm, bolting in compression, the compression is operating by the valve rod and move up and down, when the compression a rose, the diaphragm is exalted, pathway, caused when compressed dropped, diaphragm pressure on the valve body weir ( If the weir valves) Or pressure in the bottom of the outline ( If for straight-through) The diaphragm and throttle valve is suitable for the switch. British standard working temperature is usually affected by the diaphragm and diaphragm valve valve body lining material used to limit, its working temperature range is about - 50 ~ 175 degrees. The diaphragm valve has simple structure, only by the valve body, the diaphragm and the valve cover assembly of three main parts. The valves are easily fast disassembly and maintenance, replacement diaphragm can be done in the field and in a short period of time. Operating mechanism and the separated medium access to make the diaphragm valve applies not only to food and medical industry, but also suitable for some difficult and dangerous medium. More artificial synthetic rubber and the application of engineering plastics, as well as wider choice of valve body lining material, make diaphragm valves in the widely applied to every field of modern industry. National standard of rubber lining, lining fluoride diaphragm valve itself the cause of the structure design, suitable for Yu Chaochun medium or severe pollution, very sticky liquid, gas, corrosive or inert medium. Combined with control equipment, the national standard of rubber lining, lining fluoride diaphragm valve can replace the other traditional control system, especially applicable to solid inert medium and pollution. Products are mainly applied in biological pharmacy, food, industry; And electric power, chemical, electroplating, etc in industrial water treatment, has been used in the semiconductor wafer production, diaphragm valve is particularly applicable to transport corrosive, a viscous fluid, such as mud, food, medicines, woven d glue liquid and so on, due to the pipeline, diaphragm valve operating agencies, it is not exposed to the delivery of fluid, so is not contaminated, don't need to packing, the valve stem packing department may leak. British standard rubber lining, lining fluorine in the principle of the diaphragm valve is the valve body of the adjustment, when the entrance pressure, automatically reduced size, reduced the change of the flow, and vice versa. If the reverse, the regulation system doesn't work. Regulation and the function of the valve, is a directional, even can reduce even closed reverse pressure flow. Since the diaphragm valve is to better heating, there is no reverse loading problem. If it is the outfit, it is human error, of course will be correct. Works by changing the valve core and valve seat clearance ( The opening) , change the flow resistance of fluid flow through the valve gate, to achieve the purpose of flow adjustment. The diaphragm valve is equivalent to a throttling element of local resistance to change of incompressible fluid, the flow equation is available. Kv for once-through coefficient of rubber diaphragm valve gate valve. It is defined as: when the once-through rubber diaphragm valve differential pressure is 1 bar (before and after About 1 KGF/cm2) , the diaphragm valve flow values ( m3 / h) 。 Once-through rubber diaphragm valve fully open the valve door coefficient is equal to the ability of the ordinary circulating valve gate. If a balancing valve opening is kept constant, the coefficient of the valve gate Kv unchanged, that is to say, Kv by opening the valve door coefficient. Obtained from the measured under different opening of the valve gate coefficient, the diaphragm can be as a quantitative flow adjusting valve throttling element. In network debugging diaphragm, the hose diaphragm valve pressure will be debugging small valve connected to the dedicated intelligent instrument, instrument can show the flow through the valve door of flow values ( And the pressure drop values) , man-machine dialogue with instrument, the instrument input flow value in line with the requirement of the diaphragm valve, instrument through calculation and analysis, it is concluded that a balanced hydraulic pipeline system of the valve gate opening value. Belong to the category of regulating valve, diaphragm valve working principle of internal thread diaphragm valve is by changing the clearance between the valve core and valve seat, change the flow resistance of fluid flow through the valve door, achieve the purpose of flow adjustment. 1. Should not arbitrarily change the diaphragm valve opening of pipeline system is installed, and after test conditions, using a dedicated smart meters to debug setting of all diaphragm valves, and valve opening of the door lock, the balance of pipe network to realize the condition. In the process of pipe network system normal operation, should not arbitrarily change the diaphragm valve opening, especially should not change the opening the lock. 2. Don't have to install the valve in the overhaul of a loop, the diaphragm valves on the loop can be closed, the diaphragm valves have the effect of cut-off valve block water flow, reply again after the repair to the original lock position. So installed diaphragm valve, just don't have to install cut-off valve. 3. System set up ( Or cancel) The loop should be readjusted when added in the setting in the pipe network system ( Or cancel) When the loop, besides should increase ( Or close) Corresponding diaphragm valve, in principle, all new diaphragm valves and diaphragm valves shall be of the original system loop to debug setting ( The original loop pipe diaphragm valves do not have to readjust) 。 As distribution in air conditioning and heating system, the energy of the water cycle system of hydraulic balance is very important.
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